PROJECT CRCR: Come-Read-Click-Repeat (The best way to contribute towards GIRLS' EDUCATION in INDIA)

LJCS: Legal Journal for Contemporary Society

Why should we be contributing to the Project CRCR? 

1. You are not required to pay anything from your pocket (just a click).

2. The project CRCR will not only work to provide quality education for children but also to make their education full with dignity.

3. Education is the only means for millions of girls with economic disadvantages in India to develop, learn, play and realise their full potential. 

4. We with the collaborations of NGOs will help girls rewrite their future with your contribution.

5. Just 5 per cent of the donations are kept for administration, publicity, and fund-raising expenditures by the foundation, while the other 95 per cent are only spent on our project expenses.

Important Note: By clicking several times at one go will not enlarge your contribution, you only need to click once on an advertisement whenever you visit our website. 

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