How to write a law review article or any legal article by following just 5 steps?

Hey there,
Are you related to the law field or not?
It really does not matter while writing a law review article (or any law article).
After going through this article, I will assure you that you will become a writing machine, and your work will become outstanding.
But before this you have to follow some very simple steps:

Step I : Do a simple Google search about your theme
  • This step seems really simple, but it is really effective.
  • The main purpose of this step is to have a basic knowledge about your topic like
  • What is the meaning of your topic? What is the various perspective of your theme? What is the scope of your topicet al.
  • The answers to these questions will help you to understand about your topic, which is very important for our next step.
  • This step also helps in providing you with knowledge about the availability of the resources on your topic.
  • After this step, let’s move to the next step.
Step-II: Decide your issues under your theme
  • After having some basic knowledge about your topic, you have to decide your questions which you are going to be cover under your article.
  • If you think that why can’t I cover the whole topic?
  • Here, you should note that it is not really possible to cover each and every prospect of your topic as not every part of your topic is going to be as interesting as other parts.
  • You should only choose those topics which are really interesting and about which the sufficient materials are available.
  • Here, you should note that you should not take so many questions to write upon. In fact, I suggest you take 3 to 4 questions at max.
  • But if you think that this will affect the size of your article then you are wrong as the number of issues will never gonna affect the size. 
  • It is also important that you should focus on the quality rather than quantity. By saying so, I mean that you should write on a few issues, but your material under each issue should be in detail.
Step-III: Choose your resources very wisely
  • It is quite important for your article about how are you choosing your resources.
  • So, every time I suggest you go through and use only trustworthy sources as they provide credibility to your article. And these sources also make your citation looks good, which means whenever a reader of your article goes through the citations of your article then he or she will easily believe in the arguments laid down by you in your article.
  • Note: If you have a problem in doing citation (especially in the Bluebook standard), you must click here.
  • Now, when I say trustworthy sources, what are the sources which I have referred?
  • By saying, so I mean that you only use the materials from the certified sources like ManupatraSCC OnlineJSTORWestlawet al.
  • But unfortunately, most of these sources are paid.
  • So, you can use some of the free sources which are also good enough like law review articles of various eminent law schools (e.g. NUJS Law Review ArticlesHavard Law Review,…), et al.
Step-IV: Do a literature review
  • What is the literature review?
  • The literature review is a general review of all the available resources related to your theme.
  • So, why it is important to do?
  • It is required for you that you must have the knowledge about all the available resources because suppose you have done the research and the similar kind of research has already been done by someone other which lead to plagiarism.
Thus, in order to avoid plagiarism, you need to do a literature review.

Step-V: Start writing your article by following the mentioned format.

Why format is important?
Because it provides your reader with structured information about your article.
And it is also important that you should express your article in a systematic way.
So, which format should you follow?
Here is the format followed by most of the efficient legal professionals:
·         Start with the Introductory part.
Under this part, you must give a brief introduction bout your article and provide some basic ideas to your readers which will enforce the readers to read your article.
·         Then, you should write the Issues or questions to be dealt with.
Under this part, you should write your research questions. But keep in mind that it should not be too long.
·         Now start discussing each issue in the subsequent sections.
Under this part, you must make ensure that the sequence of your issues must be correct. And every new issue has connectionism with the subsequence issue.
·         Finally,  you should give a brief and impactful conclusion.
Under this section, you should briefly conclude your article. Highlight some important points in your articles.
Also, note that you can add some other sections apart from the abovementioned sections. For the example-Historical background of your issue, evolution in the field of law you are dealing with, Suggestions which may lead to further improvements, etc.
So, now you are ready to write a law article or a law review article.
The abovementioned steps are also very helpful in writing articles related to Socio-economic issues.
If you still have any doubt, you can comment us below in the comment section or you can contact us.
Also, we are also looking forward to posting a more detailed article on this topic so that you guys get a more great idea related to legal writing.

Thank you
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